How to make a felt pennant

I have of two boys. And in my experience, boys are…well…selective when it comes to making crafts with Mom.

Sometimes however, we hit a home run and find a craft they are psyched about! This afternoon we made these no-sew felt pennant banners for their rooms and the kids had a ball! Here is how you can make a fabric pennant banner with your kids.


These pennant wall hangings turned out great!
These pennant wall hangings turned out great! (My son likes to joke around and wrote “can I borrow 20 bucks” on his. lol)

What you’ll need:

hot glue or “instant stitch” type quick-drying fabric glue (We used a product called Aleene’s Flexible, Stretchable Fabric Glue)

felt by the yard for the background

decorative craft felt in different colors

scissors (we used Fiskars classic 7 in fabric scissors for the shapes and Martha Stewart’s fringe scissors to “fringe” the border of the pennant)

How to make your pennant:

I cut out the triangle shapes for the background by folding over a 12 inch by 20 inch piece of felt and cutting from the folded corner to the opposite top corner. When you open your fabric, it is a symmetrical triangle shape.  For the double background effect in  the picture I did this twice, the second time starting with a 10 inch by 18 inch piece of fabric (felt) in a different color.

Next, let the kids trace shapes on to other pieces of felt or scrap fabric that they can cut out and glue on. My guys also used markers to decorate theirs. I also used the Martha Stewart Fringe Scissors (which I LOVE) to fringe out the edges of the felt.

When the glue is dry, fold over the top straight edge (about 1/2 inch) and either sew or glue the edge of the piece to the back to make a channel to for a dowel rod through so you can hang your finished pennant. Attach ribbon or rope to the edges of the dowel (they should poke out the sides)

For Pennants that hang horizontally, you can either tack them to the wall or use velcro non-damaging wall hangers or even just one side of velcro tape – the felt will grab the velcro and stick to it.


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  1. Dear Amy,
    I live in Greensboro,NC, and live by your last book. I have a love-hate thing with crafts. It took me years to complete my two daughters Christmas stockings. They are in their early thirty’s now, and are starting to enjoy them. I have a group of girl friends I found about 15 years ago after relocating after a bad divorce. We are an unusual group and have done many activities from trying on wigs in one of the local establishments to making our retro Santa toilet seat covers many years ago. We like to think that we are more talented than most women, but we are still trying to prove it. We like to find places to meet that cater to our needs a group of women wanting to “craft”, or change the world, but it’s tough. Thanks for lighting the way!

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