Make an Easy Flip Scrapbook Album

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Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8708Some people don’t record memories because they feel they don’t have time. Some feel like they don’t know how to scrapbook and shouldn’t even start. The truth is, it can be so easy when you let go of “the rules” of scrapbooking, and think more in terms of telling small stories.

This album is a good example. With my older children, I simply didn’t keep good notes. There are lots of pictures, but the idea of getting them into a baby book has always been pretty daunting. I wish I had the tools then that I have now!

This is a baby album that documents all the things that are important to me now about my baby. The title of this album is “You @ 4 Months.” I will create more of these as my youngest little guy keeps growing. But the beauty is…they are almost complete before I even start them. I take all my pictures with Instakeeper – which lets me comment on the photo as I take it on my phone – and capture rich detail that saves with the picture for later. These are personal notes, just for me. Not to share on my social nets. Which makes it an absolute joy when I am ready to create a scrapbook project. My basic and personal journaling is DONE! If I want to add more (like in this project) I can – but I don’t have to.

I captured a lot of things I know I wouldn’t remember otherwise…his height and weight at his 4 month appointment. The fact that he has figured out a trick to get the dog to kiss him. And a lot of other details that make my heart happy. You are the best at deciding what you might care to remember while you are in it – be present, mindful, and take good notes. 🙂

Here is a peek at my baby’s 4 month album.

Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8704 Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8703 Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8700 Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8693 Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8706

To make this album you will need:

  • a printer
  • an acid-free gluestick
  • Instakeeper (a free app I created for the iPhone/iPod/iPad)
  • an album ring – this one is from 7 Gypsies
  • a spring loaded hole punch (it is a wand rather than something that presses together)
  •  (optional) Scrapbook patterned cardstock and or journaling cards. The  ones I used are from a mini kit made by Project Life…it was under $5.

Here is how I made this simple flip album:

I used a combination of 3×4 cards and 4×6 cards I designed in Instakeeper plus Project life journaling cards that  mounted on the backs of my photo designs. First I cut out the designs I printed.

Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8655

Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8628

Next, I applied glue to the back of the Project Life cards. I then applied the cut out designs to the glue-covered area and trimmed anything hanging over the side.

Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8637

Next, I lined up my cards and used a hole punch through all of them so they would have a hole punched in the same place.

Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8641

Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8647

Next, I opened the ring, and slid it through all my completed cards.

Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8650