Make Gorgeous (and Simple!) Stacking Rings

Have you seen those beautiful skinny rings everyone is wearing? I love them! Here is a super easy crafty tutorial on how to make them yourself!


You will need:

  • Gel glue
  • 20 gauge jewelry wire
  • a crystal or bead – the ones I used were 6mm but 4mm works too.
  • basic jewelry tools (needle nose pliers and wire clippers)

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How to make a DIY simple skinny ring:

  1. Cut a piece of wire to the size of your finger plus about 1/4 inch.
  2. Curve the wire into a ring-like shape.
  3. Bend the last 1/8 inch of each side of your wire outwards.
  4. Now take each end and make a curve at the tip. This little bump-out lets the bead or crystal sit comfortably on a finger.
  5. Next apply a tiny dot of glue to one side of the bead at the hole.
  6. Put the tip of the wire there and press until the glue sets. It is pretty quick with super glue — sets in seconds.
  7. Do the same on the other side. Press until set.

Now make a whole bunch! They are pretty stacked and just as pretty alone. Play with this and mae thisproject your own by using different beads and even bent wire. A quick and easy craft anyone can make!


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