Duct Tape Crafts

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Do you love crafts that don’t take a lot of time, and are easy enough to be totally portable? Duct Tape is your best friend. It fits in a purse or even a pocket, and it so easy and gratifying to work with. Plus now they make TONS of patterns…even minions and superheroes. How cool is that?
I picked my favorite duct tape crafts tutorials to get you started! There are instructions to make no-sew pouches, duct tape wallets, duct tape jewelry, and all kinds of cool duct tape projects for people of all ages.
Have fun!
How to make duct tape flowers Skip To My Lou
A little duck tape and you can make beautiful flowers! … Start by sticking folded duct tape strip sticky edge down around the outside edge of the circle. Continue sticking strip until the end of … Michael’s Arts & Crafts Giveaway. I’ve hooked you ……
Tutorial: Duct Tape Reading Light – Dollar Store Crafts
DIY Duct Tape Reading Light – A dollar store craft, inspired by Captain Underpants. As the mother of four boys, I am always on the lookout for ways to encourage them to read. Adding a few extra minutes of reading time at ……
Duct Tape Twirling Bee Craft – Crafts by Amanda
But the coming of summer means there will be bees, and if you have little ones around it’s important to teach them respect for these beautiful flying insects. Duct Tape Twirling Bee Craft by Amanda Formaro, Crafts by Amanda ……
Duct tape crafts- DIY girly accessories – Craftionary
Duct tape crafts. Make DIY girly accessories, bows, headbands, wallets, rings, necklace, earrings and so much with decorative duct tape.How to use duct tape….

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