DIY Valentine Coloring Kit + Free Printable


Here is a sweet little Valentine you can print and make that will be a big hit with adults or kids. (Depending on the coloring pages you include.)
It is a box and envelope set that holds a set of crayons (either 12 or 24) and a little envelope to include your favorite coloring pages.

Download the free template here and print the template on 65 pound cardstock (or any weight cardstock you have – just make sure it is white) and cut them out. Fold on the lines and glue as shown. These will make one crayon box and one little envelope that fits in the box. Once the glue dries, fill with crayons.  Print 1 or 2 coloring pages on regular paper (here are some free ones: and fold to fit in the envelope. Slide the envelope in the box, address the “to” and “from” lines on the box and give to a friend or make a bunch for a whole class.

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