DIY Sock Bunny Tutorial

This sock bunny is so SO cute and such a great project for friends of all ages! Jacy from Craft Life shares this wonderful video tutorial on how to make a cute sock bunny craft for Easter…or just for fun!

Craft Supplies:

two socks — one plain white ankle sock (or a longer sock cut to the ankle) and one decorative sock


small rubber bands or yarn

big and small craft pom poms (or make your own pom poms!)

googly eyes or a sharpie for drawing facial features

a glue gun

needle and thread

polypill or other craft stuffing.

How To Make Your Sock Bunny:

Step 1: Fill the white sock with polypill (don’t overstuff.)

Step 2: With the heel at the back, roll the top of the sock about 3 or 4 times and hot glue it shut as shown in the video.

Step 3: Make the bunny ears: Pinch the center where you glued and use a rubber band or yarn to create the ears on both sides.

Step 4: Make the bunny head: Use yarn or a rubber band to create the head.

Step 5: Make the bunny feet, hands, and tail: Glue small pom poms where the arms should go in front and larger pom poms where the feet should be. Make sure you place them to the sock bunny will be able to sit. Add the pom pom for the tail

Step 6: Make the facial features: Add google eyes, a pink pom pom or button for the nose, and draw the whiskers and mouth with a sharpie. You can embroider these if you would prefer with black floss.

Step 7: Make your bunny an outfit: Cut into the decorative sock as the video shows so you can gently pull the bunny arms and legs tail through. Cut a strip or use ribbon to make a bow tie to put around the sock bunny’s neck or the ears.


Have you ever tried making a sock bunny? Tell me how it turned out in the comments!