Quick and Easy Gift! Make A Beautiful Oak Cutting Board

A few years ago, I received a beautiful, over-sized oak cutting board from a guest at my holiday party. The man who brought it said, “Would you believe this was an oak step?”

I was SO excited it was a handmade gift and such a cool one. Genius idea, right!?

I use my DIY oak cutting board (the original gift) ALL the time. I use this for cutting, serving…everything! Here’s how you can make one for yourself and a couple of extras for the perfect, no-fuss host/hostess gift.

DIY Oak Cutting Board How To

Gather your tools. You will need:

  • An unfinished oak indoor stair tread. They are not treated at all so no worries there – just make sure it is an INDOOR one
  • Vinyl non-slip, self-stick feet – I used Everbilt Vinyl Bumpers
  • Medium-fine grit sandpaper
  • Butcher Block Conditioner – I used a brand called Howard Butcher Block Conditioner. Just make sure the wax you use is food grade.
  • Tulip Puffy Paint or other water resistant paint

How to make a DIY Oak Cutting Board:

First, have the awesome dudes at your home improvement center cut the step into three equal parts. Yep – the unfinished step cost twenty seven dollars but it makes THREE cutting boards! 🙂

DIY Cutting board - Cut The Wood at Home Depot!

BTW…I LOVE that they cut wood for my projects at my local Home Depot. Makes it easy to bring everything home as a perfectly cut kit and minimizes parking lot drama squishing too-big materials into my car. Plus, this saw scares me, but this dude gets it done like it’s nothing! Just have them cut it before you buy wood. Seriously…I do this all the time and it makes woodworking projects so easy!

Go home and grab your sandpaper and one of the pieces. Sand it until it feels smooth to the touch. I like to work in circular motions and finish by going straight across back and forth. Wipe clean with a damp paper towel or tack cloth if you have one to remove any dust on the board.

How To Make A Cutting Board From An Oak Tread - Sand It

Once dust free, stick on vinyl feet to each corner of what will be the bottom of the cutting board like this. Press well.

How To Make A Cutting Board From An Oak Tread - Apply Vinyl Feet

Now squeeze some puffy paint onto a paper plate or paint palette. Roll in one direction to load up your roller.

How To Make A Cutting Board From An Oak Tread - Apply Paint To Edges

Paint just the edge of the three flat sides. Let this dry and apply a second coat. Let dry agan and lightly sand against the cutting surface side to get rid of any paint that might have gone over the edge. The cutting surface should not be painted since it will come into contact with food and knives and stuff.

How To Make A Cutting Board From An Oak Tread - Apply Paint To Edges

Once your edge paint/ decoration is dry, warm up some of the butcher block conditioner in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds. Wipe on to the board and let it soak in. Repeat a few times and wipe off any excess wax.

How To Make A Cutting Board From An Oak Tread - Condition The Wood With Wax

2015-12-12 18.14.05

Apply some to the back of the board as well, but leave room around the sticky feet. Overloading them with wax may make them, fall off.

Now, wrap this and give to someone who loves to cook or entertain. They will LOVE it!