DIY Nature Resist Fabric

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This is a fun one for kids and adults alike!

Use things you find in nature to make a pattern on some pre-washed cotton fabric.

leaf and flower fabric

Next use a fabric spray paint (I used one from Tulip) and spray over your pattern from directly above. I kept the spray paint about a foot above my leaves and flowers and took care not to spray too fast…this can move your pattern around if you aren’t careful.

leaf and flower fabric-2

Apply as many layers of paint as you desire. More sprays will result in a more solid-color background.

Next carefully remove the flowers and leaves. You can flip the paint-covered leaves over on to another piece or cotton fabric to make a new design if you want!

You will be left with something like the picture below…cool, right? Use this technique to embellish clothes, blank canvas totes, or plain fabric you can make something with.

leaf and flower fabric-3

Dry and set the paint per the instructions on the fabric paint you choose. Most fabric paints dry to permanent or will be washable after set with the heat of an iron.