DIY Cleaning Slime Recipe

DIY cleaning slime is great for picking up dust and lint from hard-to-reach places. It  leaves no residue and will last quite a while in an airtight container. It’s a lot like the kids play slime you may have seen, and if you have some of that in your house, you know it picks up EVERY bit of carpet lint, dog hair, crumbs, etc. Why not use it to get that stuff up and out! 🙂

Here’s how to make DIY cleaning slime.

What you’ll need:

1 8 ounce container Elmers glue

2 teaspoons Borax (in the cleaning/laundry section at the grocery store)

3 cups Water

(optional) food coloring

Here’s how to make it:

1. Use two bowls and  mix 2 teaspoons borax with half the water (1 1/2 cups)

2. Mix one 8 ounce container of Elmer’s school glue with the other half of the water.

3. Combine and mix both bowls of stuff and see the slime appear!

Break up the slime into hand sized pieces and store in airtight baggies. Keep one in the car, one in your purse, and one next  to your computer keyboard for quick and easy dust/dirt removal!


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