41 AMAZING DIY Chandelier Tutorials

A chandelier can make a room. No wonder home decor stores charge so much for them! Check out this amazing DIY chandelier ideas, tutorials, and makeovers.
These are just GORGEOUS! Seriously…you won’t believe they are homemade!
DIY Bent Arm Chandelier, with a Vintage touch 
This DIY chandelier is expertly assembled and the result is amazing!
Decorate With A Chandelier Stencil-Find out the best Stencil Stories
Don’t have electricity wired to where you need a chandelier? No worries…just stencil one!
Make a Ribbon Chandelier for the Baby Shower 
This decorative ribbon chandelier will get “ooh’s and ahh’s” at any baby shower!
DIY Mason Jar Rustic Chandelier 
An uncomplicated chandelier with mason jars to create the perfect rustic ambience.
Boho eclectic DIY chandelier
How to make your old and dusty chandelier in a brand new one? Just follow simple steps and you will be delighted with the result.
Make the room a fun place: Dowel Rod Chandelier DIY
Colorful painted dowel play room chandelier
Want an interesting DIY for your room? Try making this dowel rod chandelier DIY. Don’t want a full scale installation? Try it as a mobile?
Perfect pop of color for a kids playroom!
Beautiful and Simple DIY Test Tube Vase Chandelier
We love the simplicity of the hanging test tube vases that have been super popular.
Why not make it to scale and use it as a chandelier?
Feather fringe DIY bedroom chandelierNew look for your room: DIY Feather Fringe Chandelier
OK – this one is super girly and romantic. Can’t you totally see it in a fancy walk-in closet?
Easy, low cost and beautiful: DIY Foam Chandelier 
A DIY, gold glitter and crystal chandelier tutorial using inexpensive craft foam. No wiring required!
Modern and cheap: DIY Faux Shell Chandelier made with paper
I’ve always been a fan of capiz shell chandeliers but unfortunately they are very expensive. Hellooo paper and creativity!
DIY Colorblock Ornament Chandelier: Bring some color into your life!
Use this playful Chandelier to decorate for a party or as a show-stopping backdrop for a photo booth!
All the light and style you need in an incredible DIY Dining Room Chandelier
It is a Chandelier but it is so beautifully made that it could be also considered a piece of art! With a little wood and basic materials, you can create this spectacular work of art!
Weekend DIY Project: Rope Chandelier Idea
Don’t be surprised if you love this weekend DIY project so much you start dreaming up other rope projects. It needs time and effort but has great results!
DIY: Giant Paper Ticket Chandelier Party Decoration
If you are a person that enjoys cutting and gluing papers, this is the perfect tutorial for you!
These extra large paper chandeliers requiere a little bit of time to DIY but they make such amazing party decorations.
$5 DIY Chandelier, SunnyChicHome
Another paper “shell” DIY chandelier…only this time it is scaled perfectly for  girl’s bedroom. (For just $5!)
DIY Birthday cake chandelier
DIY Birthday cake chandelier. It is easy to put it in the room for a birthday party and to take it out and put it back in the closet for the next celebration!
A DIY Chandelier with reciclable bottles
This is a Modern, tasteful and warm Chandelier made with glass bottles. You don´t need many materials or money, you just need a little bit of time and you will see the result is outstanding.
Mason Jar Chandelier, DIY!
DIY – Build your own unique mason jar chandelier to light your kitchen island. Just follow these  step by step instructions and you will see all the effort was worth it!
DIY easy and quick Orb Chandelier
Haven’t you seen this in Pottery Barn? Oh wait! This one only costs 10 bucks to make! Adds the perfect lighting for any hallway or bedroom
DIY: Chandelier make over!
chandelier makeover with crystals
This is the perfect example on how to go from an ugly and old chandelier to a completely new and stunning one in a matter of hours.
DIY Chandelier Renovation, brightness for your room!
Update your old light fixture with this pretty and easy DIY chandelier.
You like a little bit of shine and sparkle? Then this is for you! With this chandelier you can add a dose of glam to any room, and the best part is … there is no rewiring required!
Step by step how to DIY: Brass Chandelier
This is a very detailed and step by step tutorial where you can find how to make from scratch your own Brass Chandelier. I have to say it is not an easy one, but if you like to DIY and you enjoy challenges this is for you!
You will see the result is a very modern and original Chandelier suitable for any room of your house.
A touch of glam for your closet: DIY Crystal Ball Chandelier
You want your house to look good but you are on a budget? Then check this out! This is one of the great ideas on how to make your place look great with a small amount of monew.
In this case there is a step by step tutorial on how to make a crystal ball chandelier for your closet! Don´t miss it out!
Dimples and Tangles: DIY Leopard Chandelier Shades
spotted chandy shades 2
Last week when I showed you a new living room tour, I quickly mentioned that I had painted the chandelier in my breakfast room gold, to coordinate with the new lotus pendant lights in the kitchen. And, I said that I wasn’t quite ……
Little Green Notebook: DIY Sputnik Chandelier
DIY Sputnik Chandelier
I’ve always dreamed of having a gorgeous sputnik chandelier, but they are usually on the smaller side and in the many thousands of dollars. I had planned on investing a little bit more of the house budget on the dining area’s ……
Chandelier Planter Tutorial – DIY Show Off ™ – DIY …
Chandelier Planter Tutorial – how to make a chandelier planter….
Design Improvised: DIY Paper Chandelier
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DIY Chandelier | Tattooed Domestic
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DIY Chandelier | Tattooed Domestic
Jenna Sue: Master Makeover: A DIY Chandelier …
adding crystals to chandelier
Master Makeover: A DIY Chandelier Transformation. How’s this for a Transformation Thursday? Best $45 ever spent… I can’t stop staring at it! This fixture was originally hanging in my current studio when we bought the house ……
Outdoor Rope Chandelier DIY – Earnest Home co.
I just love bringing indoor luxuries and comforts outdoors during the summer months. I have had the idea in my head for a while to create an outdoor chandelier from globe lights and created this super simple DIY using just a ……
DIY Bubble Chandelier | POPSUGAR Home
Here’s a post from CasaSugar Community member Alicat94177 from the Su Casa group about building a gorgeous bubble chandelier for her Los Angeles lingerie shop: At long last we are excited to share the process of how ……
Remodelaholic | DIY Drum Shade Chandelier
Transform your basic light fixture into a drum shade chandelier using a simple purchased shade, some craft store supplies, and a couple pieces of hardware….
DIY Halloween Bat Chandelier Tutorial – Crafts Unleashed
I love to decorate for Halloween, and I prefer decor that is spooky but not scary. This fun DIY Halloween bat chandelier, inspired by a piece from Pottery Barn Kids, is perfect for a Halloween party or just for decorating for the ……
DIY String Chandeliers | Ruffled
She also recommends coating the balloon with vaseline prior to wrapping the yarn coated with glue so it doesn’t stick on the balloon once it’s dry. You can see all the details on Jessica’s blog. diy twine yarn chandelier. Are you ……
Remodelaholic | DIY Crystal Orb Chandelier Knockoff
So it’s a match made in heaven when you find a piece that you love that is totally DIY-able! Just see how our guest today saved a whole lotta cash by creating a knockoff of the gorgeous crystal orb chandelier from Restoration ……
Candle Lantern To Chandelier In 3 Easy Steps
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How To: Turn a Wire Planter Basket into a Glitzy Chandelier …
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How to Make a DIY Wood Beaded Chandelier!! — Tatertots …
Make a Knock-Off Chandelier for a fraction of the price of an original. DIY beaded chandelier tutorial….
Little Green Notebook: DIY Modern Brass Chandelier
modern brass chandelier makeover
SO many of you guys were excited about the DIY brass chandelier that the OKL team shared in this kitchen. Well, lucky for us, they’ve put together a full tutorial here to share with LGN readers (there’s also a post here on the ……
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