DIY Bandana Trick Or Treat Bag


Maybe you aren’t the kind of Mom who sews your kids’ clothes (a fact your kids are more than likely psyched about…”Totes embarrassing Mom!!”) but you can sew a little something cool for them this Halloween. This project¬† is quick, easy-sew, and a unique (in a good way) way for your kids to carry enough candy to last them ’till December. This project literally takes like 10-15 minutes to make and costs all of about $2.

I found the bandanas at a discount store which makes this craft project super quick, but you can also cut squares of your favorite fabric (like lovely banana design perhaps?) and finish off the edges with a serger or just do a nice little rolled hem. (You know, basically turn your fabric into bandanas!)
(Try to say “banana bandana” five times fast!)

Sewing The Bag

bag-illustrations-sew-gusset bag-illustrations-flat-stitch bag-illustrations-flat-secure bag-illustrations-bottom

Take two bandanas, put the pretty sides together, and secure with a few pins along the edges. Some fabric/bandanas have a more vibrant print on one side: that would be the “pretty side” you want for the outside of your bag.

Measure up from the bottom about 10 or so inches and make a small line with your marking pencil or place a pin there as pictured. Do this on each side. You will be sewing all the way around the bottom of the bandana from one pin/mark to the other, leaving excess at the top to create your handles.

Now you will stitch to create a gusset on each side. To hold more candy of course.

*note:measure about 3 inches from the point. If you want a more in-depth tutorial on sewing a gusset, click here.


Now turn the bag inside out so your seams are on the outside. Already almost done!

Creating The Handles

These handles look like they are simply knotted, and they are, BUT I have a trick for making sure they stay tied and can handle the weight of all that candy! (Are you sensing a theme here? More candy… )

Take two corners of one side of the bag, and pull them to the center as if you were going to tie them together with a knot. Fold one over the other, leaving roughly 4 inches of slack, and pin it.¬† Next with your sewing machine, sew back and forth about 3 times in a zig zag – shouldn’t be more than about an inch wide.

Next take the extra slack and knot it. Do the same on the other side.

That’s it! If you want to add a bottom to this to make it a little more study, you can use the top of a pizza box (or any other cardboard in your recycling bin) and cut a shape like this:

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