Dish Towel Aprons and Kids Thanksgiving Fun


One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is cooking with the kids in the kitchen. Not the hard stuff like basting the turkey, but kids love to have jobs helping make the “big meal.”

When I was little, one of my three sisters got to learn how to make butter in school. You get heavy cream and simply shake it in a glass jar until all the solids come together. This became a fun kid’s tradition in my house for the girls to make the butter we would have with dinner. It also kept us occupied while Mom and Dad were trying to cook! (P.S. I only had sisters. If I had brothers, they would have helped too!)

My boys (except for the baby, not yet) each pick a pie to make with Mom for Thanksgiving dinner. Pumpkin or apple are usually the favorites and pretty easy to make. They watch me make the crusts, then each take their portion of crust to their “station” and prep it.

This is not about perfection, you are creating a memory. Throw an apron on them and let them have a creative experience without worrying about spills, etc. It helps to remember that kids WILL do everything in a messier manor than you would…Just be OK with it. šŸ™‚

Each kids’ cooking station can have all the tools and ingredients they need, a copy of the recipe, and an apron.

I just LOVE this idea for making an apron from a dish towel from and even better if you need a bunch of aprons for a bunch of kid helpers…Brilliant!

See the tutorial on how to make a kid-sized cooking (or crafting) apron from a simple dishcloth here:

The Little Thingsā€¦ an easy-to-sew child’s apron made from a dish …

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