To My Dad On Fathers Day

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My father is just one of those people you instantly love – a smile that could light cities, a warmth that makes you feel you’ve met an instant, trusted confidant. And you have…he is a wonderful man.
All my life, my Dad was a Stock Broker…and not just by profession, he made being a “broker” his life. Every client was a friend, their family was his family. He spent just about everyday of his life making sure his clients were taken care of. All this on top of being the best father in the world to four absolutely crazy girls!
Some girls worry that their Dad will bring out the family gun upon meeting new boyfriends. My Dad would test their knowledge of business and finance. LOL…poor boys never knew what hit them.

Beneath The Surface - Brian Fisher
One of Dad’s more recent paintings – “Dangerous Territory”

Dad has watched all of us grow up, get married, have children, deal with sometimes very messy lives, and hardly ever called attention to anything he needed. It was always about his girls, his clients, everyone else. Until one day he felt a tenseness in his neck and pain in his arms and chest.
All of his girls were on the road within hours…for some things, messy lives can wait.”What do you mean Daddy is in the hospital?”
After Dad’s health scare, it was like the universe shifted. Dad started exploring art. He had painted here and there in the past, but suddenly, his art work was passionate.  He started taking risks in his paintings and doing lots of them! It is amazing how your focus can suddenly shift.

On his wonderful art teacher’s website, I saw the first picture ever of my father in his adult lifetime not wearing a button down shirt! LOL – liberation! My amazing father: the artist.

Of all my father has taught me – and that is a lot – one of the most important lessons in recent memory is this: life is too short to not love with all you have, and jump head first into exploring what inspires you.

Dad, You are the greatest.

Brian Fisher – Wave, 2010

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