15 Easter Crafts For Kids

My kids just LOVE to do Holiday-themed crafts, so Easter crafts are a no-brainer. I buy a lot of those little felt kits, but sometimes I just want to be able to use stuff we have around the house. I found a bunch of crafts that are easy to do for small and bigger kids, and most of them use materials you probably have in the house or classroom aleady. 🙂
Check out these adorable Easter Bunny crafts, each of which can be done in just minutes!
1. Easter CraftBunny Ears Sweetie Jar
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-002
Use a bunny headband from the Dollar Store and some pretty ribbon to dress up just about any gift in a jar for Easter!….Read More
2.Milk Jug Easter Bunny Craft
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-003
I love using food packaging as craft supplies. This milk jug bunny is the perfect afternoon activity for younger or older kids too!……Read More
3.DIY: Washcloth Easter Bunny Kids Craft
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-004
Dollar Store washcloths become cute and cuddly little Easter toys! Also, how cute would this be to add to a diaper cake arrangement or other baby gift?! If you do that, just use non-permanent glue to glue the decorations on. 🙂 Love! ……Read More
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-005
Simple and inexpensive…just a toilet paper roll, some bright paper, a pom pom and googly eyes. :)….Read more
5.Paper Bag Easter Bunny Craft for Kids
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-006
A paper bag all dressed up for Easter. I love this idea for classrooms that do Easter-related activities…what a cute little way to tote candy or drawings home! ……Read More
6.Make A Towel Bunny
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-007
This is another way to do a washcloth bunny…only this one uses a fancy sushi towel for a little bit more sophisticated bunny. :)……Read More
7.”Hoppy” The DIY Sewn Scarf Bunny
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-008
I love the way this handmade toy looks. And I really love that it is an easy Easter sewing project for beginners that teaches the fun of re-using things you have. You don’t always have to go to the store to get creative…have a worn out scarf? You can turn it in to a cute, cuddly bunny! ……Read More
8.Easter Bunny Corner Bookmark Craft
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-009
These bunny bookmarks are easy crafts for the kids to make and are a great way to reuse and recycle! Great kids craft!…Read More
9.DIY Easter Bunny Treat Box
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-010
This cute kids craft was invented for a holiday party for a group of preschoolers. A bunny and jelly beans? sounds like a winner to me!….Read More
10.Easter Sock Bunny Craft
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-011
Here is an Easter arts and crafts project that lets the kids make a toy out of a sock. It’s really easy and fun for the kids to see they can make something cute! This project is super simple so the youngest crafters won’t get frustrated.. ……Read More
11.Cottonball Easter Bunny Craft
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-012
He Here is another great kids craft for the classroom – paper plates and cotton balls make for a crafty afternoon! ……Read More
12.How to Make a Bunny Ears Headband
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-013
These are easy to make and fun for the kids to wear. Paper bunny ears!….Read More
13.Easter Bunny Handprint Craft For Kids
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-014
I love keeping artwork my kids make at school. And I really love when we get handprint art to keep. They grow so fast and it is so cool to see how little their hands were when you look at these works of art later. :)….Read More
14.Little Handmade Felted Bunnies
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-015
These are probably a little advanced for younger kids, but I love that they are made to illustrate a magical story. Maybe you can make them for the kids and play together!….Read More
15.Easy Easter Bunny Ears Headband Craft
Fun Easter Crafts For Kids-016
Love the colorful pom poms and the packing peanut teeth! ……Read More