A Crafty Way To Teach Writing Without ‘Teaching’

How to teach story writing to kids with a fun activity

The kids can learn writing basics without even realizing it! Love that!!

Melissa Taylor from Imagination soup shared this excellent idea for teaching kids how to write. Instead of making them sit in a lesson and memorize the writing terms and structure, try asking them writing “prompt” questions while they take photographs for the story!

For example, in a story her daughter created called Romeo and Chickalette, she taught while her daughter took pictures of the chickies in the scene. “And then you need conflict. Maybe something bad happens. Or there is a bad person, the antagonist,” she said.

She also goes over different ways kids might want to create their story…and especially cool thing for a generation so used to technology. On a blog, in a Word document, or just the old-school print and paste way, your kids will have a blast and develop skills that will last a lifetime.


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(image credit: http://imaginationsoup.net/2015/02/photo-story-starter-idea-for-kids/)

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