Teen Star Isabelle Fuhrman: Knitting Caps For Good

Some teenagers spend lots of time on the phone, watching TV, or just hanging out. Isabelle Fuhrman, best known as the star of the chilling movie Orphan, Ghost Whisperer, and most recently joining an all-star cast in Salvation Boulevard (which will premiere at Sundance 2011), likes to spend her spare time doing something else: knitting! That is pretty cool by itself, but super creative Isabelle has also gotten involved with Save The Children on a program called Caps For Good to knit caps for newborns in developing countries. This simple, handmade gift not only keeps babies warm, it saves lives. Isabelle and Save The Children have created hundreds of these baby caps this year to help reduce the nearly 4 million newborn deaths that occur annually in the developing world. We caught up with Isabelle to talk about how she started knitting, how she got started helping Save The Children, what