Crafting With Boys

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I have 3 boys. They are all creative in their own ways (I think the baby is anyway!) But not all of them like crafting.
I always wondered why…isn’t it just a lame gender stereotype? I’ve always taught my kids they can play any way they want to…dolls, purses, pink things…nothing is off limits just ’cause it might seem like “girl stuff.”

No matter what I do, they seem to have a natural tendency towards certain kinds of toys.

You can imagine my surprise when my sweet, innocent four year old came home from preschool one day and fashioned a toy gun out of some Legos. I am pretty anti-violence in general and went to great lengths to shelter my first born from such visuals. I quickly told him, “that seems like a fun game, but let’s use the guns to shoot ‘love and happiness’ at our friends.”

He said “Ok, Mom,” and continued trying to blow things up.

I’ve learned that crafting with boys often means finding creative opportunities that relate to my boys’ other interests. Which lately, are things like sports and video games.

My oldest son (now 12) has some toy guns just like a lot of his friends do. He was trilled recently when we took on the crafty project of painting it to look like a replica of one he’d seen in a video game. It was gold! I had a tube of Martha Stewart All Purpose Craft Paint that we used almost all of!

Yesterday we had a family cookie decorating party. To get my boys excited about it, the cookies were shaped like ninjas which was a huge hit. They might have decorated reindeer and snowflakes too, but they ninjas made it super fun for them.