Craft Punch How To Use Guide: Don’t Do This!

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Craft Punches: How to use them the right way!

What’s wrong with this picture? (I mean, aside from my dish pan hands.:))

This punch seems to be ergonomically designed to be pressed down on a sturdy surface for leverage when you are punching out. This is fine if you are just punching random shapes from patterned or solid paper, but what if you are trying to neatly and precisely cut out a printable or around lettering or drawing?

(If this were an infomercial, you would now see me wildly chopping up this page of stickers before giving up and flinging punch in the air. “There must be a better way!” lol)

There IS actually a better way, and it is so simple, you won’t believe you haven’t been doing this all along.

Simply flip it!

Best Way To Use Punch-6

Punches have a little hole at the bottom where the punched item comes out. It also acts like a perfectly sized and shaped window to help you precisely position the punch. This allows you to isolate and cut out a motif in a pattern or even punch a precise shape like I did to make these Cinderella stickers. Apply pressure to the lever like this and punch away or press down the lever just enough so you can keep your position and turn the punch back over to finish the job.

If this little craft punch how to use guide was helpful to you, or if you have already been doing it this way, leave a comment and let me know!

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