Color Pop Dinner Plates

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These look really cool when you do a bunch and stack them for your place setting!


Make cheap, white, plain dinner plates look fancy with a little pop of color!

What you’ll need:

Glass paint (I used Martha Stewart and Plaid paints for this project)

a small, circular foam brush

plain glass or cheap china plates (make sure they can withstand heat — you will need to set the color in the oven to make it permanent)


This is a multi-surface paint with a beautiful gold sheen that works perfectly if you want to make your plates look like they have a gold-plated edge. As you can see this tube is well-loved!

How to edge your plates with color:

Put a paper towel or other cloth that can help you slide the plate as you need to under your plate on your work surface. Next load your brush with a happy dab of paint as shown.
Hold your brush at a 45 degree angle on to the edge of your plate. Then (this is a good trick!) use your hand to spin the plate slowly in a circle with the painted foam touching the edge. You can also use a lazy susan or cake decorating tool that lets you spin stuff in a circle. This makes sure your line looks super smooth and even.

Don’t worry if your first coat looks streaky, you can do a second coat the same way and fix any imperfections. Once your paint is no longer tacky, set the paint in the oven or let dry to permanent per the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

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