Color Changing Yarn…How Cool Is This?

Even though I am pretty new to knitting and crochet, I have always been a bit of a yarn hoarder. Mostly chunky yarns and funky yarns that prove kind of awkward to deal with in real-life knitting and crochet. (At least for me who is still a beginner!)

One of my favorite new yarn finds is a magical beast they call Color Changing Yarn.  It looks like this…

Pretty color changing yarn..LOVE!

It is dyed several different shades along the length of it on purpose. This means you can easily make a simple scarf with simple stitches, but make it look like you went crazy with complicated color work.

Here is what it looks like when it is knit or crocheted:

knit-vs crochet - whats the difference (2 of 13)

Crochet fabric made with color-changing yarn (left): The crochet version seems a bit more stripey (although it would be less so had I chosen a smaller hook and used all single crochet, what you see here is mostly double crochet.)

Knit fabric made with color-changing yarn (right): The color change is more subtle and the transitions appear softer and more blended.

You can also find self-striping yarns. Basically the same idea – they produce a gorgeous result with very little planning on your part.

I love it when a craft comes together! 😉

If you fall in love with multi-color yarns as I have, you might want to get even MORE adventurous with your yarn options. Did you know you can dye yarn yourself at home? Totally! And it is gorgeous.

Check out this yarn dying tutorial from my fabulous friend Kathy (A.K.A. The Crafty Chica.) It uses those easy-mix tye dye kits from Tulip.

Customizing your own yarn? I can’t even. Too good!!