21 Christmas Ornaments You’ll Love To Make

An afternoon filled with hot cocoa and Christmas ornaments has become a tradition in our house in December. Before we officially trim the tree, we always have a little crafting time first!
When the kids were very little, we started out just letting them color the cheapy-cheap die-cut shapes from the dollar bin at the crafts store. As they got a little older and their attention span a little longer, we moved on to more complex Christmas ornaments like those using shrink plastic, polymer clay, and even glass ball ornaments that can be painted and filled.
One thing we always do no matter what: put their names and the year somewhere on each Christmas ornament. Because half the fun is seeing all those adorable creations every year and marveling at how fast your little darlings grow up!
Here are a whole bunch of ideas to get you inspired to start a Christmas Ornament party in your house. Enjoy!
Clothespin Reindeer Christmas Ornament
We made this super cute, glittery Christmas ornament in an afternoon. so easy!
Stylish and Trendy Christmas Ornaments
Store-bought ornaments are pretty, but they can sometimes lack the personal touch you can see in DIY ornaments. With a little patience and effort, make your own this year to hang on your tree or give to friends as a holiday gift ……
( image credit : http://www.savvysugar.com/ )
Sharpie Christmas Ornaments
I am sharing today a super fun Christmas Craft. This will take you like three minutes to make. Check out our newest Christmas Ornaments! I got last week….
( image credit : http://www.the36thavenue.com/ )
Beautifully Beaded Christmas Ornaments
DIY Christmas Ornaments! Christmas is a time where, like most people, I pretend to be an artsy person. I’m usually somewhat artistically challenged. My brother and Grandma seem to have the artistic talent of the family, and ……
( image credit : http://peanutbutterloving.blogspot.com/ )
Red and Green Glitter Chritsmas Ornaments
How to make glitter Christmas ornaments | DIY. by Staci Ann Lowry. glitter ornaments handmade with clear plastic bulbs. (You can download a free PDF file of this tutorial…just click HERE) ……
( image credit : http://theornamentgirl.com/blog/ )
Wood Bead Handmade Ornaments
Today I am sharing a quick Christmas Ornament that I made for one of my Christmas Trees. MATERIALS Bakers Twine Wood….
( image credit : http://www.the36thavenue.com/ )
Cute Clothespin Snowman Christmas Ornaments
DIY Christmas Ornaments Homemade ornaments make great keepsakes. I’m excited to add these to our collection of ornaments, and maybe you will too! Supplies: Clothes pegs (found at Michaels, Walmart, etc), paint (red, ……
( image credit : http://thefirstyearblog.wordpress.com/ )
Cool and Interesting Terrarium Christmas Ornaments
Inhabitat’s easy DIY tutorial showing you how to create your own terrarium Christmas ornaments….
( image credit : http://inhabitat.com/ )
Crafty Christmas Santa Ornament
This unique DIY Christmas Santa ornament is a great way to craft with the family. It uses just 6 items, takes minutes, and costs little to create!…
( image credit : http://www.sunshineshoppeblog.com )
DIY Invitation Ornament
This ornament is a perfect way to commemorate any special occasion. I like to make … Picture of DIY Invitation Ornament … a Christmas ball (I bought mine at Michael’s when they were in season, but you can get them on Amazon year round)….
( image credit : http://www.instructables.com/member/xskkatrinafhxolt/ )
Burned Wood Christmas Ornaments
It is the time of the year when we start thinking about Christmas Trees,. ornaments, garlands, wreaths, and all of the beautiful warm Christmas Décor. I’ve been busy creating a lot of my own decorations this year. Let me show you this DIY ……
( image credit : http://www.the36thavenue.com/ )
Quick and Easy Paint Swirl Ornaments
Holiday DIY: Simple Filled and Painted Ornaments Tutorial. Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m addicted to making ball ornaments this year! It’s just so simple and there are so many variations! You can fill glass ball ornaments with yarn, ……
( image credit : http://littlegrayfox.blogspot.com/ )
Tiny Tree Scrapbooker’s Christmas Ornament
Liberty Scrap Challenge: Christmas Edition, DIY Tiny Tree Decorations. 11.15.2012. I’m happy to be sharing this tutorial today!. Thanks to Organic Stitch Co. for the liberty mini charm pack! Be sure to check out her shop! And also a thanks to ……
( image credit : http://www.noodle-head.com/ )
Book Text and Decoupage Ornaments
This is the first Christmas that Brendon and I will spend together as a married couple… And it’s also the first year we’re having the family get together at our place! So I’m especially excited for all the festivities. I decided that I ……
( image credit : http://voyagesofthecreativevariety.blogspot.com/ )
Polymer Clay Christmas Ornaments
DIY Clay Christmas Ornaments. November 26, 2013 By Kim Conner. LADIES! I love Sculpey clay. There is just so much you can make with this stuff. Each year we like to make Christmas ornaments and this year I decided we would go with ……
( image credit : http://www.733blog.com/ )
Doctor Who Inspired TARDIS Ornament
This year’s Christmas ornament gift is different for each Thing. We’re all about Dr. Who these days, so Thing One wanted a TARDIS, and Thing Two wanted a Dalek, which is on here as a separate instructable. It’s probably the last year I’ll do ……
( image credit : http://www.instructables.com/member/companyassist91 )
Easy Popcorn in Glass Christmas Ornament
How to put popcorn inside a clear glass Christmas ornament….
( image credit : http://theornamentgirl.com/blog/ )
DIY Glitter Ornaments With Floor Polish
Glitter ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas crafts. They’re also the starting point for many other craft projects that I make at Christmas time, so I thought I’d share them with you today so that I’ll have a reference point for ……
( image credit : http://simplifiedsaving.com/ )
Star Wars Inspired DIY Death Star Ornament
100mm Clear Acrylic ornaments (sourced from http://factorydirectcraft.com/catalog/products/1302_1039-10569-100mm_clear_acrylic_fillable_ball_ornament.html) They are a nice heavy grade, and come in two halves that snap together which would also create the perfect Equator on the Death Star. They were $1.99 each. Drill press … If I only had seen it some days ago, our christmas tree would have broken under the weight of thousands of Death Stars. SallyGirl10 months agoReply….
( image credit : http://www.instructables.com/member/floridavkejqmre/ )
Print and Color Shrink Plastic Ornaments
Make your own DIY Frozen ornament for holidays, Christmas, or a super cute sun catcher! This craft works with any printable coloring page!…
( image credit : http://pixiebudget.com/ )
Paper Straw Himmeli Christmas Ornament
DIY: Himmeli Christmas Ornament. Following the boy’s fox party, I had a bunch of paper straws leftover. I guess most people preferred their beverage sans straw. 🙂 While I was putting them away, I thought that they would be ……
( image credit : http://www.nalleshouse.com/ )
DIY Twine Candy Cane Ornament | A Night Owl Blog
Add some rustic charm to your Christmas tree this year with this DIY Twine Candy Cane Ornament!…
( image credit : http://anightowlblog.com/ )