Rag Doll Tutorial and Pattern

How To Sew A Rag Doll

What you will need:
* Fabric for the body – you will need about 1/2 – 3/4 yards skin colored fabric
* A needle and thread (and a sewing machine if you have one – speeds this project along considerably!)
* Yarn for the Hair
* Fabric to make clothes and accessories
* Down or soft stuffing (softer the better – this will give your finished doll a relaxed, whimsical look)
* Fabric Paint for the details of the face
* Fabric glue for the hair
* (optional) I used a zipper foot on my sewing machine to allow for better maneuverability

The BEST DIY headboard tutorial!

The DIY Headboard Tutorial You’ve Been Searching For!

About a year ago, I was looking for a new bed and realize that I wanted something that was cushy stylish and customizable. After searching and shopping for a while and looking at the construction of a lot of the available headboards and beds, I decided to make my own. Most of them seem to be constructed in a similar way they had three elements: a wood frame, foam padding from various thicknesses, and a fabric cover. Easy right? Actually it’s not that hard and not too expensive either!