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I love coffee and consequently big fat mugs that take two hands to hold…but I’m not so in love with mornings. As you know from reading this crafty blog, I also love things that are sparkly . (Team Glitter!)

Here is a super simple craft idea for making your morning coffee cups sparkle as much as you do (once the espresso has kicked in of course.) It  also makes a unique  ‘girlfriend gift’ for any pal that needs a little pick me up.

How To Embellish A Coffee Cup With Crystals

Here’s what you will need: 

Super glue (I’ve tried a bunch of glues and other heavy duty glues don’t cut it for this project – I like the gel super glue for this as it is easiest to apply to the crystals.)

A coffee cup or mug (prepare this by washing it well and wipe it with a bit of rubbing alcohol to get off any bit of grease or hand lotion – you want the crystals to have an easy time sticking.)

Swarovski crystals  (I used some hotfix crystals I had around, but the extra glue they have on the back in unnecessary for this)


Plan ahead if you are doing a pattern by arranging your crystals on a piece of paper to see how they will look. Do not apply crystals (or any kind of paint/decoration for that matter) past about an inch from the top – decorations always look better than they taste. 🙂 When you are ready, start applying a dot of your gel super glue to the back of each crystal, and hold each to the mug for 10 seconds to make sure the glue has a chance to dry.

Once you have applied all of your fancy crystals to the mug, let it dry for at least 24 hours. Once dry, this mug will not be microwave or dishwasher safe, but can be hand-washed with dish soap in warm water.

(note: if you want to write a message or decorate with glass pens as seen in the pic above, do that first using a marker or paint made for glass, then bake per the instructions and let fully cool before you try to add crystals – you don’t want to bake them!)

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