Cake In A Mug Gift Basket


 What do you get for Mom? Well, I try to think about what I would want. And for me, cake is never the wrong answer! 🙂 Here is how to make a cute little “Cake In A Mug” kit. (Actually, this makes 3 kits.)

What you will need:(Makes 3)

Pillsbury Funfetti Moist Supreme Cake Mix
3 Giant Mugs (Pier One has great big ones that look like soup bowls with handles!)
3 Mini whisks and or spatulas
3 Sandwich baggies (Ziplock or other)
Printable Cake Mix Tag
Polyfilm or Wilton treat bags
tissue paper
Ribbon/decorative bow

You can also add things like candles or even candy to sprinkle on top of the finished cake.

1. Divide The Cake Mix
Divide the cake mix in to three equal parts, one in each baggie. Close the zipper. Cut out the printable tags, fold, and staple to the top as shown.

2. Pack Up The Mug

First crumple up one large sheet of tissue paper to fill the mug. Now place the other items in to the mug, keeping the tallest stuff (like the mix) toward the back of your little gift mug. Put the frosting in the middle and tuck in other things around it.

3. Seal It Up

Place your gift mug over a large sheet of poly film or in the treat bag. Pull the film to the top, and secure with a bow and tag.

It’s the perfect gift!

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  1. Thank you for showing how to do this. I had heard about baking a cake in a cup, however never had the directions on how to do it. Thanks again!

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