The BEST Stencil Trick Ever!

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I love stencils…but sometimes I’m a little sad when my paint coverage turns out a little blotchy or streaky from brush strokes. Want to know a way to get rid of brush strokes and bad coverage for your stencil projects? Easy!

how to stencil monogram-2

Don’t use a brush!

When I want to float paint into the stencil to get a thick, even layer so it looks super professional, my tool of choice is actually a used gift card or credit card.

how to stencil monogram-3

Put a glob of paint at the top of your stencil (I used my favorite metallic Puffy Paint here!) and with a light, sweeping touch, spread the paint evenly over the stencil. This is especially good for drawing and writing on glass. (Don’t forget to use an adhesive stencil for best results on glass!)

how to stencil monogram-4

(To remove and keep your design perfect, lift the stencil from one side, using one of the taped sides like a hinge.)how to stencil monogram-5