Barbara’s Tips To Prepare For Sandy

So this isn’t crafts-related, but I LOVE my readers and want you ALL to stay SAFE! Looks like Hurricane Sandy is not playing around, and a little planning goes a long way.
My Mom posted this great list of things to prepare for a  Hurricane like Sandy – it is an incredibly useful list from someone who has been through quite a few very scary weather events living on the beach in Florida. Keep two things in mind here when reading this list:
1. My Mom was a cardiac nurse and makes sure she is prepared for anything.
2. This list makes the most sense if you are in one of the locations Sandy will make landfall – if you aren’t sure where the storm is headed, check out

Please don’t be so alarmed you totally freak out (folks on the coast get hurricanes a lot and get through them) but DO prepare and please help out neighbors who are in need of assistance. There were a lot of things on this list I wouldn’t have thought of – practical stuff from someone who has lived it!

Mom’s Hurricane Preparedness List
by Barbara Fisher
For my Northeast peeps….Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
After spending 17 years in Hurricane country, a few suggestions:

Things to do
Call pharmacy to have refills of any medications needed by your family. They will be closed.
Fill gas tank,get cash from ATM’s before they shut down
Rent a generator if you don’t own one (have enough fuel on hand to run it for 2-3 weeks. During Francis we lost power for3 weeks.)
Try to empty freezer by cooking all perishables and storing in ice filled cooler
Bring in anything that could be a projectile – lawn furniture,plant containers, grills, etc.
Fill bathtub with water, fill freezer size plastic bags with water and freeze

Things to Have On Hand
Have at least 10 gallons of bottled water,
batteries(all sizes) plus car chargers for iPhone and iPad
a battery-powered radio and clock
Plastic cups and plates
Have a manual can opener on hand
First aid kit
Use propane grill for cooking.
Have lots of pbj and bread on hand and canned meat
Be sure you can manually open your garage door if you store your car in it
Extra blankets and sleeping bags

According to the weather station,this is a very serious storm,a long impact situation impacting tens of millions of people. If you do not have hurricane shutters,board your windows with plywood.
Floridians, please add to list if I’ve missed anything.
OR>>>>>> Make reservations at The Ritz!!!!!! 🙂
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(*note – the intention of this post is to share one person’s opinion. As with all of our posts, Craft Ideas Weekly is not responsible for damage or loss incurred by following this advice. Lame, I know – Just had to make sure we said that!)
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