Baby, it’s cold out there…5 Crafts For Cold Weather

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It is no secret I’m not really a fan of the cold weather. As soon as the temperature dips below 50 degrees, I start bundling up indoors, wearing lumberjack socks, and doing my best to fight my body’s urge to go into hibernation until the sun comes back.

Cold winter days are an excellent time to stay inside and learn a new craft or hobby and some of them even result in cozy things that help keep you warm! Our criteria for a perfect “hide-hide-from-the-cold” project includes the following:

  • Must be doable while wearing bulky layers of clothing or, even better, cuddled up in a blanket.
  • Must not use supplies that are frozen or refrigerated. (so…ice carving is obviously not on this list)
  • Must not use anything that is stinky or requires major ventilation because you know we’ve already put plastic on all the windows…(I’m kidding, but we totally did that when I was a kid – we lived in an older house in snowy Buffalo, NY and I swear there was an indoor breeze! Eek!)

Here is the list – perfect projects to make or learn when it’s cold out!

1. Knitting

Knitting is great because you can do it on the cheap and it offers something for everyone.  There are projects that work for both the novice and the advanced knitter.  And best of all…you end up with something cozy to wear at the end! Craftsy has fabulous interactive online classes and workshops that can teach you how.

2. Embroidery

Embroidery is a skill I learned just about a year ago, and I love it because it mixes my love of needle crafts with my love of graphic design and illustration. Embroidery has gotten cooler in recent years with the entry of more modern, even punk rock embroidery patterns. You can even make your own custom patterns by making a line drawing on vellum paper, then ironing it on to the piece you plan to embroider. Can you say awesome custom Holiday gifts? Yay! Sublime Stitching has easy and beginner-friendly tutorials…and great embroidery patterns of course too!

3.  Making Mason Jar Jams and Jellies

It is so warm by the heat of the stove while you are waiting for your sugar and fruit to mush together. 🙂
For extra warm-ness, put some music on and dance in the kitchen, just please take care not to light yourself on fire when your favorite dance jam comes on. Food In Jars has all the inspiration you could ask for jams of the edible variety.

4. Candlemaking

I’ve always loved the smell of warm beeswax in the air…add a little lavender essential old and pour it into candle molds  or containers. Ok, it is slightly more involved than that, but completely worth it – full instructions here.

5. Scrapbooking by the fire.

Sounds so lovely, right? We don’t all have fireplaces, but getting your scrapbooking supplies set up in a cozy place near the couch will do just as well. And giggling over all your wonderful, sweet memories will make you feel warm from the inside out! I just think Robyn at MyPinkStamper has got it going on when it comes to cool scrapbooking tricks AND the cutest personality ever – check her out!

Stay warm, Sweets! Don’t forget to post your winter crafts pictures on Craft Ideas Weekly on Facebook to brag a little! 🙂