My weird asthma and how crafting helped.

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I have weird asthma.
It’s weird because I don’t really have asthma. Unless of course, it’s cold. Or, I work out too hard. Or if I get sick or have an allergy flare-up.
Then I have asthma.
It is called Reactive Airway Syndrome and it is weird because it is not debilitating at all…until it is.

I’m probably one of the only people you’ll ever meet, who loves to run when it’s really hot and kind of muggy. Why? Because in those particular normally uncomfortable conditions, my asthma is perfectly calm and my workouts are much more enjoyable.

In the Summer, I run a lot. But as soon as temperatures dip below 50 degrees in the fall, I start to have problems.

Fortunately, there is a lot that I can do to prevent an asthma attack. I can use my asthma inhaler ahead of exercising when I know conditions might trigger me and after if I need it. This helps a little.  But the BEST thing I can do is to make sure the air that I’m breathing is nice and warm, even when the rest of the world is icing over.

I’ve looked all over for running scarves that will stay up, are not too tight, are warm enough…there are a couple of good options available. Nike makes one for football players, but unfortunately, it makes me look like I am trying to rob a bank. Not the look I’m going for.

A company called Smart Wool makes a tubular scarf made for outdoor sports that they call a “neck gator.” I have one. And it is okay. But it is made of wool, which I tend to find a little itchy. It’s no fun to scratch your nose the whole time you’re running either. Another company makes a fleece version that didn’t fit me right and was sort of expensive for what it was.

Never finding the “perfect” thing, I ended up designing a custom-made solution that is exactly right for preventing my breathing issues caused by the cold. It is made of fleece (in whatever cute pattern I want!) and is super-washable and warm.
(Here is the easy scarf tutorial, so you can make one just right for you!)

If you have Reactive Airway Syndrome, nerve damage in the face or nose that causes headaches or pain, or just want a cozy scarf and an excuse to buy some fun fleece, give this tutorial try.
Even if you don’t, these make quick-sew, inexpensive gifts for the Winter. Try it and tell me how it works for you!