Make an Arts and Crafts Apron

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Even if you have been sewing for many,many years (20 years for me – gosh time flies,) sewing projects that start with a simple pattern often allow for the most creative possibilities. This apron project and tutorial is exactly the kind of fun sewing project for me and even better…what a rockin’ arts and crafts apron this is! Glue stick stashing pockets, punch pouches, I mean… in this kind of hold-it-all style, you are like a one woman crafting machine. A bionic supercrafter with a glue gun in one hand, and a pocket full of ric-rack!

(And you won’t even have to worry about glitter pants.)

See the Make Lounge for instructions on how to make this simple “cafe” apron that is just too cool for the kitchen. And have fun with it!!

Make A Cafe Apron

**Image Credit: The Make Lounge