Are you the “Martha Stewart” of your friends?

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A while ago, I saw the divine Martha’s social media team pose an insane question on their Facebook page and it really stuck with me. The post read, “Are you the “Martha Stewart” of your friends?

I laughed. And LAUGHED. I thought of some young marketing exec coming up with adorable status updates. Some young exec who doesn’t know the history of Martha because he/she was in Kindergarten when Martha began her rise to greatness.

 “Heads will ROLL!” I imagined the great and powerful Martha saying.

Over the years, Martha has been less than encouraging in the press about other people trying to “play Martha Stewart.” So, the idea of her team asking such a question is kind of hilarious. To be fair, when Martha started her career, blogs weren’t even a thing.  Now, anyone with internet access can set up WordPress site and call themselves a lifestyle blog. Not to mention all the pretty, young actresses trying to expand their income portfolios by developing lifestyle brands via blogs…

I think the status was attempting to ask, “Are you the over-the-top domestic diva of all your friends?” But even that misses the point.

The vision and education Martha and her team presents is beautiful. Consistent perfection. It is ART. Everything we see online has been influenced by her marketing, her business models, her photography. In reality, she has NEVER been the happy homemaker, but rather, an unwavering female business leader and pioneer. And it wasn’t handed to her…She has done nothing but work for this. First as a model, then as a caterer, then eventually…INVENTING the idea of a domestic lifestyle brand as we know it today. She set the bar very high for all those who would attempt to follow. Original #Girlboss

Thank you, Martha Stewart.

Well, ARE you the “Martha Stewart” of your friends? Tell me how you are changing the world in the comments below!


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