5 Minute Shadowboxes


I showed a super quick shadowbox project when I was on My Carolina Today this week and wanted to show you a little more about how you can make one too! Here is an 8 x 8 shadowbox I made all about my boys. These are so easy to make. The best thing is it makes me so happy when I see it on the wall. The next best thing is it took less than 5 minutes to put together!

Here’s how to make a quick, lovely shadowbox.

What you will need:
A shadowbox frame. (Mine is from Better Homes and Gardens)
Scrapbook paper or card stock for the background. (I used DCWV’s Modern Meadow stack)
A 3×4 journaling card (the one I used came with the scrapbook stack on the back few pages – bonus!)
Tape runner adhesive or an acid-free glue stick
Foam mounting squares for height as desired
Wire ribbon and other embellishments like washi tape (if desired)
A small, special keepsake ( I used a couple rainbow loom bracelets my boys made for me)

How to do it:
Choose Your Background
Pick your favorite patterned paper and cut it to 8 inches by 8 inches (or the size of your frame.) take your frame apart and adhere the paper to what will be the background – the back inside of the frame. I used the tape runner for this. Make sure you are aware of the up/down orientation before you start gluing things on – make sure the hanger on the back will be in the right place when you re-assemble your frame.

Arrange Pictures


Next arrange your pictures. I chose to line them up on one side…you could arrange them around the center or even tuck them into the corners…get creative here! You aren’t stuck with the design until you glue them down. 😉

Add Journaling


Use a journaling card to say a little something about the pictures. You can describe what was happening in them or just include a sentiment from your heart. That is what I did here. It is something I truly feel and often say to my kids.:)
Arrange your journaling card with the pictures and see what makes you happy.

Glue everything down
Pick everything up one by one how you have arranged it, and glue each to the background. I wanted the journaling card to have a little extra height, so I mounted it with foam mounting squares.

Make it sparkle
Embellish in any way you like. You can add glitter, rub ons, stickers, crystals, buttons…whatever you like. I used some pretty washi tape in a strip up the center. I also tied a wire ribbon in a bow, twisted it, and clipped the ends. I smushed on a little adhesive from the tape runner so I could place the ribbon as I wanted it – I did a little in the back center of the bow and on each of the longer pieces so I could arrange and attach them to the back.

Add a small keepsake


This is a beautiful way to use things like mis-matched jewelry, antique broaches, hankies, lace, dried flowers, or just little things from the kids. I used rainbow loom bracelets because they kind of represent the feeling in our house right now…cheerful and creative. (I love this time with them!)

Assemble your frame back together, hang it on a wall, and enjoy!