16 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make With A Sock

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That poor lonely sock. You you, that one that used to have a bestie but now just keeps ending up in the laundry pile over and over? Maybe their mates were tossed due to an un-fixable hole near the toe. Maybe they were discarded by my kids in a puddle of mud somewhere. Not even kidding, I actually found one next to the sidewalk in front of our house yesterday. Who knows…
So, I have a little bin of these sad, useless socks in my laundry room. Of course I’m thinking of crafts I can make with them!
Here are 16 crafts you can make with socks!
1. Free Sewing Pattern For Sock Sheep
( image credit : http://www.craftpassion.com/2015/02/sew-sock-sheep.html/2 )
2. No-Sew Rice Heating Pad
( image credit : http://unsophisticook.com/rice-heating-pad/ )
3. Easy Sock Drink Cozies Crafts Tutorial
( image credit : http://theviewfromgreatisland.com/ )
4. Olaf Snowman Sock Craft
( image credit : http://www.pamspartyandpracticaltips.com/ )
5. How To Sew Sock Owl
( image credit : http://www.craftpassion.com/ )
6. How To Sew Sock Dragon
( image credit : http://www.craftpassion.com/ )
7. Sock Friends Sock Puppet Video Tutorial
( image credit : http://blog.darice.com/ )
8. Fun Kid Craft: “Socktopus” Octopus No Sew Sock Puppet
( image credit : http://www.sweettmakesthree.com/ )
9. Sock Knitting Needle Case
( image credit : http://www.justcraftyenough.com/ )
10. Another Easy Sock Octopus Craft for Kids
( image credit : http://thegoldjellybean.com/ )
11. Fun Kids Craft: Sock Snowman for Winter
( image credit : http://stagetecture.com/ )
12. Kids’ 15 Minute Sock Cat
( image credit : http://frogprincepaperie.com/ )
13. Water Bottle & Sock Bubble Blower Craft
( image credit : http://sophistishe.com/ )
14. Easy Sock Phone Pouch
iphone pouch sock
( image credit : http://itswhatigotnotwhoiam.blogspot.com/ )
15. Momma’s Sock Bunny Doll
( image credit : http://mommydiariesclub.com/ )
16. Make A Doll Beanie From An Old Sock
doll beanie
( image credit : http://thecraftpatch.blogspot.com/ )
The Best List Of Sock Crafts!