DIY Journal Ideas You’ll LOVE

There are tons of great ways to make your own DIY journal that inspires art and creativity. I’ve included my favorite ideas for DIY journal making including awesome journal binding tutorials, journal cover ideas, and even cute decorating ideas. I think you should have as much fun making your journal as you will using it, and these ideas will definitely get you creating in the right direction!

1. Mini Cereal Box Journals

How cute is this? You know those tiny cereal boxes you get for the kids when a bunch of friends sleep over? Yes, those…made into a journal set!
mini-cereal-box-journalMake mini journals from single serving cereal boxes

2. Big Cereal Box Journal

Another cereal box journal, only this time you can use scraps from cereal boxes you probably have in your house all the time.


DIY Cereal Box Journal Tutorial

3. Simple Handmade Journal Fastened with Button and Twine

Another simple foldover journal. Very nice tutorial showing you how…
Super Simple DIY Journal Craft

4.No Sew Fabric -Covered Journals

Want to keep it easy, but class up the place a little? Just add fabric! This simple DIY Journal uses a basic construction but is also covered in the fabric of your choice.
No Sew Fabric Covered Journals

5. Clever Used Gift Card Mini Journal

A mini spiral-bound journal that uses a gift card as a cover! Brilliant.
Mini Journals on Etsy

6. Ring Bound Journal

NO real binding required when you just punch a hole and put some colorful cards or paper on a ring. You could do this method using paint swatches too! 🙂
Paint Swatch Ring Bound Journal

7. Journaling Cards On A Ring

Here is another crafty idea to make a journal using a ring. Use pre-made journaling cards (tons of companies make them now like Project Life, Me & My Big Ideas, and Many Others.) This one also uses print and cut DIY Journaling cards made with Instakeeper.

Flip Album Scrapbook Crafts-8699

Make An Easy Ring-Bound Flip Album Journal

8. Mixed Media Journals

A really good example of a mixed media journal. A different style that uses LOTS of color and texture! (Think paint, glue and decoupage, 3D elements, and beautiful hand-lettered titles.)
Cloth Paper Scissors Handmade Books

9. Library Card DIY Mini Journal

I love when people re-purpose boring materials and turn them into books. This DIY mini journal is made of library cards and index cards. Would be super cute to cut up some old maps and use them this way too!
DIY Library Card Mini Journal Tutorial

10. Vintage Book Art Journal

Sometimes you might find a vintage book that has a gorgeous cover, but is falling apart. Give it a little love…Use the cover to make a brand new journal like this one. What a cute idea for a text-heavy, mixed media journaling scrapbook too!

11. Simple DIY Kids Travel Journal Kit

A travel journal that actually travels well and keeps the kids busy documenting or drawing…these are fabulous keepsakes you will treasure when they are grown. And this journal is pretty durable and super easy to make. Make one for each child and let them create. 🙂
DIY Kids Travel Journals

12. Paper Bag DIY Journals

Journals made from paper bags. Yep! So Cool!

Another cool journal using a fancy, embossed leather book cover.

13. Coptic Art Journals

Learn how to modify a sketch paper pad into a portable art journal. The pages are constructed to lay flat so you can easily draw in it.
Video Tutorial Make Coptic Sketch Book

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  1. These are great ideas! I love all of them but my favorite is probably the cereal boxes. Thanks for the inspiration.

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