7 Quick and Easy DIY Coaster Crafts

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When it comes to quick and easy crafts that work for pretty much all ages and skill levels, embellishing coasters is a classic. Making DIY coasters are a great craft for parties or just an afternoon with friends.  Also, a set of these with a pretty tag or label is an absolutely adorable hostess gift.
Here are some really easy coaster craft ideas you can make in less than 30 minutes. Make what you see or use these as creative inspiration!

1. Gift Wrap Decoupaged Tile Coasters

This project from Hostess With The Mostess (HWTM.com) from the writers at Prudent Baby is a classic…plain white ceramic tiles from the hardware store, Pretty scrapbook paper, wallpaper, or even gift wrap, and Mod Podge make a quick afternoon craft that you will love to use!

Modern Mod Podge Tile Coasters

2. Painted Cork Coasters

You could do these in just minutes with minimal mess if you use a paint pen (Sharpie makes some great ones!)

Painted DIY Cork Coasters

3. Simple Pattern Inset Coasters

These are pre-cut circular coasters made of cork with a little inset area that you can add scrapbook paper to. So simple and very smart!

Circular DIY Cork Coaster Craft Idea

4. Make Your Own Instagram Photo Coasters

These are a great way to display photos on something that is practical and useful…it is like a fun little surprise memory every time you use them and a great conversation starter for guests who want to know the story of the picture.

DIY Instagram Photo Coasters

5. Scrapbook Paper Coasters

I just love these bright colors. What a perfect way to add a little splash of holiday decor as well…and if you use a stack like I suspect they did…everything coordinates like magic! 🙂Scrapbook Cardstock Drink Coasters

6. Sharpie DIY Tie Dye Coasters

Using an alcohol ink method to blend colors, Sharpie shares a cool coaster craft idea that embraces your inner artist.

DIY Sharpie Tie Dye Tile Coasters

7. Waterproof Sewn Fabric Coasters

Have a bit of waterproof or outdoor fabric in your stash? Make these! These are almost like waterproof cocktail napkins as much as coasters…Can you say ‘Cocktail party on the deck?’ Perfect and so easy!

DIY Waterproof Fabric Coaster Tutorial