How To Turn Your Art Into Fabric

How To Turn Art In To Fabric
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This past Summer, I wrote a pretty popular tutorial on how to get your hand drawn artwork into the computer so you can do stuff with it. It is a process I use all the time with my illustrations and watercolor paintings.

(Even for creating sewing patterns believe it or not!)

Over the last week, I have been sharing a few sneak peeks of my latest pattern project on social media…and now it is done! I figured it made sense to show you the process since this is a great example of why you would want to digitize your drawings in the first place. 🙂

It started like this. Just a pencil drawing on sketch paper.

Flower Pencil Illustration

Then I painted it with watercolor paints.

Watercolor Flower Ilustration For Pattern

Then I scanned it in and worked with it using the method here, traced it in Adobe Illustrator, and deleted any extra pixels.

Then I turned the design into a pattern swatch in Illustrator. I even chopped up the artwork to play with making coordinating patterns to go with the first pattern. Check it out!

pattern-2 pattern-1

paintings into patterns

This is now ready to use in about a million different ways. I can print this at home to make note cards, scrapbook elements, and other pretty things OR I can upload my design to Spoonflower and print it as wrapping paper, fabric or even wallpaper!! It is truly amazing what is possible these days…isn’t it?

hand drawn to pattern



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