Make A Painted Glass Water Bottle

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Reusable water bottles are wonderful.  There are lots of options, however most of the options and I have seen we’re not quite what I wanted.  Some had a coating inside that I wasn’t so sure was a good thing, and the ones without coating seem to leave my water with a metallic taste.  I decided to make one of my own of a glass bottle –reusable, sustainable , healthy, and after painted…  Also really cute and unique.

First thing I did was found a nice glass bottle it had a label that needed to be removed before I could do anything with it.  So I removed as much of the label manually as I could then I got the bottle wet with some alcohol and used a razor blade to get all of the adhesive and other junk off of it. (Simple Green) is helpful here too…

And once my bottle was thoroughly cleaned and dried, it was time to start painting.  Will I have found this amazing pain by plaid that is an enamel paint.  Once cure and drive it were baked it is dishwasher durable.  This paint is very inexpensive incomes in tons of colors.  BONUS – it can be applied with a paint brush which means lots of opportunity to be creative!

I decided to keep it simple with my bottle, opting for a striped design (chose a classic blue and pink) with a Monogram that I applied using a stencil.



Voila! A beautiful, unique reusable water bottle that will never get confused with anyone else’s and will keep my water tasting fresh and aftertaste free!

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