Thrift Store Find – Egg Cups

My favorite section is the glassware section. It is always full of funky mugs, retro champagne glasses, and other treasures that are usually very inexpensive and full of personality.
The other day while walking through my local thrift store, I found these small, lovely, perfect ceramic containers (they look a little larger than typical egg cups to me – maybe pudding cups? Maybe I’m using them upside down? lol) These little beauties have so much potential. At just 98ยข each – I purchased all six – what a bargain!

Making An Inspiration Binder

Take about 10 minutes every day to be conscious of the shapes, colors, themes around you. Take pictures of those things you see when you are taking a walk outside or while browsing in a funky little shop you love. Clip articles and pictures from magazines. Draw the shapes you see in the plaster on the ceiling or cracks in the sidewalk. Don’t worry too much about how these will fit together by theme… This is more about capturing things that you are drawn to. If you ever created a vision board this process may seem similar.

Make Seed Paper For Cards And Crafts

If you have ever made handmade paper, this project will be a breeze – the process for making seed paper is much the same. First you make your paper pulp, add the seeds and press. This is an eco-friendly craft that is fun for kids and adults alike! Here’s how to make your own seed paper…

Enjoy the Thimble Pleasures In Life

I have been sewing since I was about 12 years old when my mother thought putting me in a sewing class would be a wonderful way to keep me from bouncing off the walls one summer. I have been sewing, but I have never fully mastered my machine.
If ever something breaks, makes a funny noise, or even gets a little dusty, I am the first one to call the sewing machine doctor to get some professional TLC. I feel I am pretty good at lots of things, but there are some things just better left to the experts…If my chest was sounding a little funny, would I perform open heart surgery? No, of course not. I would leave the technical trickery to the experts. Which is just what I did a few weeks ago when my machine whirred, angrily groaned, and came to a stop.

Picture Perfect Products – Photographing Your Crafts For The Web

It is easy to see that few things are as important online as good, high-quality, detailed pictures. Whether you are selling your art or crafts on sites like Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon or just showcasing your work for friends on Facebook, there are some secret tricks of the trade I have learned in my professional career that can help you make photographs of your crafts look really professional.

Gear that will help you to photograph like a professional:

Rag Doll Tutorial and Pattern

How To Make A Flannel Rag Doll

What you will need:
* Fabric for the body – you will need about 1/2 – 3/4 yards skin colored fabric
* A needle and thread (and a sewing machine if you have one – speeds this project along considerably!)
* Yarn for the Hair
* Fabric to make clothes and accessories
* Down or soft stuffing (softer the better – this will give your finished doll a relaxed, whimsical look)
* Fabric Paint for the details of the face
* Fabric glue for the hair
* (optional) I used a zipper foot on my sewing machine to allow for better maneuverability

Upholstery Made Easy

Once your fabric is traced and cut, you can begin stapling. Make sure you have placed your foam as you want it in the center of the board. You will want the pieces in this order: 1. Fabric face down on the table, 2. foam, 3. board. You will be stapling from the top. Always a good idea to make sure you work on a surface you don’t mind getting “antiqued” – I have stapled into my table inadvertently more times than I would like to admit!