Why I Hope Magazines Never Die

But an “online magazine” cannot replace my beloved printed works of art. An online magazine can never replace the experience I had as a girl just plastering my walls with every idea, every image that I loved. Creating my own “virtual” world filled with thrilling images of everything that inspired me. Reading a really good magazine is a fulfilling artistic experience. It isn’t just the copy that makes it compelling, it is the whole shabang – the vivid imagery that only looks that way printed on slightly glossy paper, the quietness of the printed word that seems to allow the reader to dictate his or her own pace. The feeling you get when you turn the page and see the most beautiful photograph just sitting there. Oh! It is magical…

You can’t read an online magazine in the bath. And how about vision boards – what would we paste on our vision boards if there were no magazines…can I staple a Kindle or iPad to the wall? Sadly, no…
As a young girl, my mind, my whole personality, was quite literally shaped by magazines like YM, Allure, and Sassy…

Make Magnetic Paper Dolls For The Fridge

These are already scored for you on the Paperdolls Cricut cartridge. I used the “Everyday Paper Dolls” and “Paper Dolls Dress Up” cartridges. I also make little ones to give to my doctors and nurses on a popsicle stick and one for just about anyone I come across. It is easy to make them look like people and they love it!
My doctor even took her “nurse” paper doll on vacation with her and took pictures of the nurse in the sand at the beach at the tiki bar, etc … too cute.. Anyways, I cut them out 8 inches then I laminate them to protect them – small children like to tear up paper dolls. Then I just cut the clothes out on the Cricut also and laminate them and put velcro on them so the dolls can change clothes.

An Interview With Taryn Sisco – Poppy Chic

We first found Taryn on Dreamers Into Doers, the Martha Stewart Community and decided we love any girl that wears a big, bright flower in her hair! We also love the cute, funky, and easy tutorials she puts together on her blog, Poppy Chic. We wanted to learn more!
Here is our interview with Taryn. ( Don’t miss the Flower Hair Pin Tutorial she shared with us – so adorable and easy to make!

Awesome DIY Room Divider Tutorial!

DIY Room Divider Tutorial

Sometimes, I like to imagine myself in a dramatic scene from a black and white movie…”Dahling, would you be a dear and fetch me my dressing gown…” If there is one thing I have learned from old movies, it is that every glamorous lady needs a folding screen for her boudoir.

Folding screens are fantastic for adding a pop of color and pattern to any room. They make great room dividers or clever junk hiders. While in my film-fueled fantasies they are made of satin and are strewn with long gloves and floor-length, feather-hemmed nighties, the reality is folding screens can be wonderfully functional and modern if you make them yourself.

DIY Rubber Stamps Tutorial

First make a line drawing. If this is your first ever stamp-making project you might want to keep details to a minimum and stick with thick, wide lines. This will make it easier when it’s time to carve. You can either color in the areas you plan to carve with your drawing (this will be the space that doesn’t get inked) or the areas that will print so it will look more like your final piece as your carving it – just decide ahead of time and stick with it.
Ok, so I thought it was insanely cool when I found this out – The Speedball material will actually pick up the outline of your drawing…no tedious tracing needed! Put your drawing face down on the material and rubbing the back with something smooth. Martha would surely use a boning tool here…but if you don’t have one, the back of your lino cutting tool works too – just make sure you don’t have the sharp attachments on yet! Also take care not to move the drawing once you have started transferring the image.

The Story Of Being Crafty

About half way through watching The Story Of Stuff, I had exactly the feeling of being on a train headed in a direction I didn’t intend to go. The choices I thought I had been making all along about my career, my purchases, my home, were not really mine at all. The options I saw to choose from were only things that were put intentionally on the train I was riding, headed in someone else’s chosen direction, a faint chugging sound always in the background “more, more, more, more.” Make more to buy more…Whoa. Where are we going?