Operation Craft Space – Making Room For Creativity!

In life, I believe you make room for what you really care about. (Whether you mean to or not!) But so many people make room for everyone and everything else in their lives BUT themselves. Being creative isn’t just a silly hobby, it lets you express yourself. It feeds your soul. Making a place for that in your home says “Hey, creating is important to me. I am important to me!”
I know, I know…”Someday I’ll move into a big house with a craft room, but right now I live in a shoebox.” You totally don’t need to build a wing on the house…You just need some help!

This week on our blog, it is ALL about craft space makeovers. We asked organization experts, interior design experts, and even artists how they create a crafts space when it seems there is no space to be had. Think fewer bins and boxes, and more strategic design and out of the box solutions.

So get ready world, it’s time to claim YOUR space. I can’t wait to see what you will create!


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