Creating A Creative Space

I hear it everyday…so many people dream of having a perfect craft room to house all of their craft patterns, paints, machines and other craft supplies in perfect order. Don’t wait on your dreams just because you are lacking square footage! An inspiring space for crafts doesn’t need to have it’s own room. Sometimes just setting up an area to be creative is as simple as setting up a desk with smart storage (and plugging in your headphones or earplugs if you have boisterous, energetic kids like I do!) Here are some ways to maximize space and create a craft area with style that inspires you!

Organizing Your Craft Room
Being creative with organization means you get more for the room you have! (even if you don’t have a whole room)

Utilize Vertical Space For Storage

A lot of people forget that the “up and down” space above a desk is useful for more than just pictures!  Use shelving, bins, baskets, pegs and canvas bags (you can paint them to label them), hooks, clips and more to store different types of craft items.

Don’t forget the space under your desk

Cabinets and floor sitting shelving can be added under your desk to maximize storage space. Just make sure you leave enough leg room to comfortably sit there and move your legs around – probably at least 36 inches or so. I have seen many a wonderful craft area made from just simple bookshelves or cabinets with a salvaged door panel on top to use as a desk.

Stores like Pottery Barn offer pretty useful solutions like these for small work spaces if you want to go bigger budget (but you certainly don’t have to to make it great!)

Make it yours

Once you are organized…make sure you bring in inspiration! Post your vision boards, favorite scrapbook pages, magazine clippings, or your favorite art near your creative space. If there are any little trinkets you love…put them on your new craft desk or tack them to the wall.

With a little creativity, you can make sure you have a perfect space to craft with everything in it’s place. 🙂

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