Make Your Own Party Hats

How To Make Pretty Party Hats
Crafty party hats decorated however you like them - match your theme perfectly and have fun making them! Image Credit: Skrabalica on Flickr

I love themed parties – especially when it is clear the hostess put a lot of time into making handmade party accessories and decorations. Michaels’ resident creative expert, Jo Pearson, shows us this wonderful craft idea just perfect for New years eve parties (or any party really!) Using poster board, decorative paper, craft glue and embellishments, watch as Jo creates adorable party hats that are way better than anything you can buy in the store. Adorable!

She also includes video instructions on how to make a template to make your custom party hat that is significantly more sturdy that the cone party hats you might have made in grade school.

Craft Idea: Make Party Hats

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