They Might Be Giants

Ginat Chunky Knit Blanket

You know those childhood stories about mischievous children finding their way into the houses of giants with all of their giant things? I imagine this is what that would look like. (Ok…I see a lot of crazy and cool crafting stuff, but I definitely did a double take when I came across this one.)

Ginat Chunky Knit Blanket

As amazing as this looks at first glance, it is actually a practical way to knit something really big and cozy…and it uses pipe from the hardware store as knitting needles and unspun wool roving to create a wonderfully bulky afghan.

Check out Laura Birek’s video for her blog, Nocturnal Knits, to see how she knits in giant.

Knit at Giganto Blanket with PVC pipe (video)

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