Favorite Crafting Tools

We asked our Facebook fans

“What crafting tool can you not live without?”

Here are some of the responses:

– thread!!
– I am not sure if this is really considered a crafting tool but I got a bobbin winder called the SideWinder. This thing is so cool and cute-it winds the bobbins for my sewing machine without me having to completely undo the sewing machine.
– Rotary Cutter!
– glue gun!
– I like the Rotary Cutter myself.
– rotary cutter
– I know its not a tool but I would be LOST without my sewing machine!!!
– Perfect Layers, for cutting mats for pictures! They are like rulers with a little edge to make different size mats, perfect every time, love it
– “Deborah Anne: A Sewing machine definitely IS a tool!”
– cricut expression. I use it everyday..
– I love my Creative Memories Rotary Trimmer. It has 5 different blades. It is awesome.
– Rotary cutter a must for quilters! I do love my side winder as well, Diane it is very convenient and a time saver!
– Can any of you recommend a specific brand of Rotary Cutter for quilting?
– Oh yes, my favorite is my sewing machine and scissors. Nothing fancy.
– My cricut expression. Great Die Cutting tool.
– definitely my Cricut Expression!!
– My sewing machine! However just bought an Ott-Lite.
– I would have to say my rotary cutter(s) and mat(s). My sewing machine is a Janome Sew Mini. Weighs 5 pounds and fits under the seat in front of me on a plane. Has 4 stitch patterns and I have made close to 50 quilts on it. Price? 39.00!!
– The Cricut!
– yep love my cricut
– just got my cricut this month…still learning it, but was thrilled to learn that I can make applique for quilts and that is real excitement for me!!
– I agree, the circut is fantastico!
– I NEED a Cricut! but also the tool Judi mentioned to make crimps into beads! (oh, and a new crimper?santa are you listening?lol)
– As I get older…..READING GLASSES!!! (I know a lot of you are saying AMEN! under your breath!)
– I can’t live without my fabric scissors!!
– bead-spinner…it’s on my list!!
@ scott – i don’t remember the brand name, but the rotary cutter i always used had a bright yellow handle….
– @ carol….AMEN SISTA!!! ; )
– Oh Carol…i soooooo agree! Those are my favorite EVERYTHING tools!!! LOL! But my favorite crafting tools are professional nail files. The padded ones that are about 1″ wide & are coarse on one side & fine on the other. They are easier to hold than sandpaper for me.
– Whether it’s beading, cross-stitch, embroidery or sewing, I cannot live without my needles. I even have a special home for them LOL!

– Definitely my glue gun.
– Lila I would love to know what your studio by sculpt multi tool is
– I love the i-top! Those are awesome! I got one because I just had to have it!
– My Knifty Knitter and other knitting looms
– my crochet hook.
– my Knifty Knitter and other looms as well as my flush cut wire cutters – they rock!
– I’m glad to read the “old-school” answers (pre-Cricut and other electronic tools). I miss the days when everything didn’t look so even and perfect. When things felt handmade.

– Personally, I can’t live without my cutting mat. It’s saved many a table from ruin. 😉
– Have to agree with Katrina..I’m old-fashioned(apart from being just old!) and I like creativity from the hands and mind of the maker.
– I am loving my cricut!
– my crochet hook.
– Would have to be ScorPal for me. I make a lot of cards, and it takes the guesswork out of making an even fold.
– Haha @Carol! Me, too! Reading glasses, or I can’t see a thing!
– The Cricut
– Definitely my crochet hook(s)!
– I love my cricut expression! I never have to go to the store to buy anymore cards for anyone. Why buy when you can make your own? 🙂
– I have to pick just ONE? It really depends on my mood. I love lots of good scissors, stacks of yarn, ooooooh, my Prismacolor pencils. They might be my favorite and most used.
– Sewing machine…knitting machine…
– sewing machine,crochet needles
– love my texture boutique for the latest toy!♥
– I love my cricut expression
– “A lot of folks are going to say the Cricut and I agree but one that I can’t live without is ME!!!!! LOL I’m my fav crafting tool!!!”
– “My Studio by Sculpy mulit-tool. It has a magnatized wand with 5 different tips. I use it for both mud and polymer clay work and I just love it.”
– Happy Spring Crafting :-))
– my big shot 🙂
– Cutting knife & mat
– The felting needle pen. It’s great for felting yarn to my soft sculpture dolls. So quick & easy!
– Scissors
– I love that felting needle too!!!
– I agree with Crystal, though I would augment with the beading tool that turns flat, boring crimps into a bead! MAGIC 🙂
– Rotary cutter

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