Elf On The Shelf Pattern – Santa’s Little Spy

Sew Your Own Elf On The Shelf! Check out this adorable elf pattern that can be used for Elf On The Shelf and more. Because it is handmade, it will be a family treasure!

Santa’s Little Spy – A Handmade Elf for the Shelf!

I made this little guy because I really wanted a handmade Elf in our house…just more fun!

Sew Your Own Elf On The Shelf!  Check out this adorable elf pattern that can be used for Elf On The Shelf and more. Because it is handmade, it will be a family treasure!


Get the Shelf Elf pattern to sew here:



  • Red, white, and tan felt (fluffy like material like minky can be used for the hat brim and collar if you’d like.)
  • Sewing machine and/or a needle and thread (It works best for me to sew the legs, arms, and body with my machine and sew on the finishing details with a needle and thread.
  • Craft Stuffing
  • Extra long pipe cleaners
  • Embroidery floss for making the eyes and mouth. (If you don’t feel like doing this for the details of the face, you can draw them on instead with a fabric maker or even a Sharpie.) 🙂

Step 1: Cut your pattern pieces.

Cut all pattern pieces as specified.

(Tip! If a piece asks that you cut two, you can fold over a piece of felt with the “right” sides together, pin the template piece to your fabric, then cut. )

Step 2: Assemble the head.

Hand sew the two face pieces together using a blanket stitch, stopping at the top of each (meaning…don’t sew all the way around.) then meet the 3rd head piece to the back and sew it to each of the remaining sides. It will come together kind of like a beach ball.

Leave the bottom of the head (a.k.a. The neck) open so you can turn the piece inside out. Do this and then and stuff with filler.

Set aside until the body is assembled.

Step 3. Assemble the body.

Step 5: Sew The Arms and Legs

Fold your leg and arm pieces in half before you sew. Make sure your “pretty side” of your fabric is on the inside of the fold (they will be turned inside out.)

Sew around the side, leaving the straight top area open.

Turn these inside out and loosely fill with stuffing. You can also leave then un-stuffed and they work just fine! (Tip: If these are too small to turn inside out with your fingers, use a chopstick to help).

Sew together the main body piece, leaving an opening for the arms, legs, and head as marked.

Step 6: Add Wire/Pipe cleaners and stuff body.

Bend the end of your pipe cleaners as shown Insert this into the body piece.

Step 7: Sew on the Arms and Legs

Tuck the arms into the arm holes and sew them up. Tuck both legs into the leg hole, aligning them with the sides, then sew straight across.

Step 8: Add eyes, lips, details to the head and attach it

Add eyes and lips on the face at this point. Eyes can be made by simply making a french knot for each. Stuff the head and put it on to the pipe cleaner. Attach the head using a blanket stitch or slip stitch.

(Tip: You can use a little bit of pink blush at this point on the tip of the nose and the cheeks if you desire…blend into your fingers, then use a q-tip to pick up the color from your fingers to apply carefully to the doll’s face.)

Hat and Hair

Sew the hat pieces together inside out, leaving the flat side open. Now sew the brim on to the hat and flip it upward.

(You will need to hand sew this stuff…)

Sew the hair on to the head.

Sew the hat over the hair on to the head.

Sew the head onto the body.

Sew the collar on by tucking it just under where you sewed the head on, and sewing the collar closed at the back – you do not need to sew it directly on to the body. It will stay on as long as the head does!

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