DIY Rubber Stamps Tutorial

First make a line drawing. If this is your first ever stamp-making project you might want to keep details to a minimum and stick with thick, wide lines. This will make it easier when it’s time to carve. You can either color in the areas you plan to carve with your drawing (this will be the space that doesn’t get inked) or the areas that will print so it will look more like your final piece as your carving it – just decide ahead of time and stick with it.
Ok, so I thought it was insanely cool when I found this out – The Speedball material will actually pick up the outline of your drawing…no tedious tracing needed! Put your drawing face down on the material and rubbing the back with something smooth. Martha would surely use a boning tool here…but if you don’t have one, the back of your lino cutting tool works too – just make sure you don’t have the sharp attachments on yet! Also take care not to move the drawing once you have started transferring the image.