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A Handmade Scrapbook With Old World Style

A Handmade Scrapbook With Old World Style


Pretty pretty! Eclectic isn’t always easy to pull off, but Gigi Harlan of Old World Patina & Bottle Art Boutique has done it masterfully with this distressed scrapbook album.

She blended antique-looking fabrics (and even ruffles!) with decoupaged paper, distressing inks, and paint to create a treasure. Can’t you just imagine turning the pages of this beauty? I would love to see this filled with sepia photographs both old and new! And maybe even some art journaling!


Check out how Gigi created this work of art here:

Old World Patina & Bottle Art Boutique: Handmade Photo Album

Make A Plush Fabric Covered Cereal Box Journal

This is one of my favorite DIY projects using recycled materials…first start with this: a cereal or other empty, clean paper board box. Collapse it and cut off any rough edges. Next score the paperboard so there is a 1/4 inch panel down the center […]

Did You Know? Giving Credit To Stamp Designers

A lot of you talented crafters are using stamps in the handmade artwork you sell…
Did you know that when you use stamps in your designs for resale, you should credit the artist who created the stamp as well?  Different companies have different rules around using stamp art work for items you plan to sell, but a great rule of thumb is to always be sure your credit the artist whose copyright is usually on the stamp. Stampington and Company outlines their “Angel Policy” here, offering a simple guide to understanding how to properly use their stamps in your artwork for resale.

Use Mod Podge To Jazz Up A Composition Book

This is seriously easy and the design ideas are endless!One question I get all the time is what would be a good craft for a slumber party or a group of tweens……well I think this is perfect! I see the comp style notebooks on sale all the time and you only need two sheet of scrapbook paper. Of course you could also magazine clippings, old book pages, wrapping paper, etc. The letter was made from a reclaimed cereal box! For the complete instructions…Please visit the Cathie and Steve page at PLAID! For the complete instructions…Please visit the Cathie and Steve page at PLAID!

Taggles – New from Grant Studios at CHA 2012

I met up with the super fun Grant Studios team at this year’s CHA show to learn about one of their exciting new crafty kits for Teens and Tweens…Taggles! Taggles are kind of like 3-D re-stickable paper dolls with lots of fun journaling accessories kids […]

Crafty Quick Tip – Magic Strips

Crafty Quick Tip – Magic Strips

This is one of my favorite little tips for customizing framed artwork…just strip it!

My little sister recently bought her first house…As a gift, I framed a page from one of our favorite childhood books and used a pretty blue polka dot scrapbook paper to edge the mat. So simple, but it was a gift she absolutely loved!

This trick is especially cute in hallways and kids rooms for an extra pop of color or pattern, and if you have a rotary cutter that will make precise cuts for fabric, you can use your most fabulous fabrics as well.

Using a paper cutter, cut 1/4 inch strips of your favorite scrapbook paper or card stock, apply a thin ribbon of glue to the back (glue sticks work fine), then simply glue the paper strips to the inside edge of the mat of your frame. Some frames have a channel like the one I used – you can glue the paper to the channel. If yours does not, just glue to the inside edge. To make the edges look super-professional, cut the edges of the top and bottom strips at a 45 degree angle making a mitered edge. (See the picture below.)