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What happens when you use Crisco instead of butter in cookies?

Have you ever wondered what happens when you use Crisco instead of butter in your favorite cookie recipe? I have, but am always freaked out to get an unexpected result when all I want is a cookie. (I’m picky – they must be unpuffy, dense, […]

Kids Crafts: Make Construction Paper Bird’s Nests

My children and I created these adorable construction paper bird's nests for Easter last year. We have made this into a holiday tradition around our house. This is also a great way to recycle used construction paper.

Angry Birds Cupcakes

Fondant makes so many neat design ideas possible with cakes and cupcakes…even turning them into Angry Birds! With just 6 or 7 basic colors of fondant, the folks at Bake For Happy Kids created these masterpieces of digital gaming for a 3 year old fan’s birthday party.

If you want to create something similar with your child’s favorite characters, just print pictures of the characters you are trying to make, cut out the shapes, and reassemble using a little frosting or piping gel. Your peeps will think they are super cool and delicious too!


Angry Birds Cupcakes

image: Bake For Happy Kids

Carrot Cupcakes in Flower Pots

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Make A Stamped Tin Foil Pendant

Here's a craft project for the big kids – creating shiny, embossed foil pendants with a few simple materials. Making these requires a gentle touch, but they are simple and addicting to make. My girls and I made piles of.

Make Painted Herb Pots

Make Painted Herb Pots

Check out this really cool and simple idea for making “faux” chalkboard painted pots idea on Crafts By Amanda!


DIY Yellow and Gray Wedding Invitations

DIY Wedding Invitations and Programs. Happy weekend, friends! Today, you learn Cowboy's real name. :). Yesterday, I shared a summation of our DIY Barn Wedding. I promised project details, so I'm starting at the very beginning–invitations.