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Tile a Floor with Pennies (Really!)

via Love this fearless tutorial on how to apply and grout pennies to make a cool looking floor

How To Make Rustic Leather Drawer Pulls

via Roofing nails are the secret to these leather pulls. Freakishly cool.

How To Make Your Own Chalkboard Paint

Check Out Tool Girl‘s fantastic method for making your own chalkboard paint in any color with a few things you can get at just about any hardware store! She uses low VOC house paint and tile grout stuff to do it (check out the link below to see her exact instructions.)

Hmm…Wondering if this method will work with glow in the dark or glitter paints…seems like so much fun!


DIY Chalkboard Paint

Making An Inspiration Binder

Making An Inspiration Binder

Take about 10 minutes every day to be conscious of the shapes, colors, themes around you. Take pictures of those things you see when you are taking a walk outside or while browsing in a funky little shop you love. Clip articles and pictures from magazines. Draw the shapes you see in the plaster on the ceiling or cracks in the sidewalk. Don’t worry too much about how these will fit together by theme… This is more about capturing things that you are drawn to. If you ever created a vision board this process may seem similar.