Waiting On Martha – an Interview With Mandy Kellogg Rye

Ever have the feeling that you needed to change direction in your life to follow your passion? I think many of us have woken up one morning to realize we’ve walked far down a path that isn’t what we intended to do. For Mandy from Waiting On Martha, it took one really tough year to motivate her to live the full, creative life she had always dreamed of. In the midst of planning a wedding,…

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Featured Crafter: Nikki, In Stitches

Meet Nikki: She is awesome!

Nikki, a one time teacher and now professional Mom to two kids and crafter has an unbelievable talent for making just about anything. For years she would encourage friends to get crafty, saying “You could SO make that” when they would see trendy items in stores or catalogs. Today Nikki spends time teaching people how to make things with her fantastic tutorials and simple craft kits. We talked with Nikki recently to find out about her life, her crafty loves, and what keeps her going when the going gets tough.

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Interview With Courtney Dirks – Meylah.com

You might have noticed last week that Meylah, a site I write for and often post about on Craft Ideas Weekly, launched a brand new arts and crafts selling platform. I sat down with Courtney Dirks, one of the founding team members of Meylah, to learn more about how Meylah got started and how they plan to revolutionize the way artists and crafters sell their work online. Hi Courtney, Meylah isĀ  pretty cool…what inspired you…

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An Interview With Taryn Sisco – Poppy Chic

We first found Taryn on Dreamers Into Doers, the Martha Stewart Community and decided we love any girl that wears a big, bright flower in her hair! We also love the cute, funky, and easy tutorials she puts together on her blog, Poppy Chic. We wanted to learn more!
Here is our interview with Taryn. ( Don’t miss the Flower Hair Pin Tutorial she shared with us – so adorable and easy to make!

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Craft Business: What’s In A Name?

So you have a great idea, beautiful products, and are super excited to get started selling your crafts. You are about ready to welcome your “baby” to the world and might be starting to ask…hey, what are we going name this thing? Here are a few things to consider when you are naming your creative business: 1. Does it have personality? A creative business should have a name that attracts people, puts them at ease,…

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Picture Perfect Products – Photographing Your Crafts For The Web

It is easy to see that few things are as important online as good, high-quality, detailed pictures. Whether you are selling your art or crafts on sites like Etsy, Ebay, or Amazon or just showcasing your work for friends on Facebook, there are some secret tricks of the trade I have learned in my professional career that can help you make photographs of your crafts look really professional.

Gear that will help you to photograph like a professional:

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