Viral Crafting: Monkey Style

If you live in America, you have almost definitely had, made, or been given a sock monkey at some point in your life. What you might not know is the Sock Monkey’s rise to fame was almost entirely due to the overwhelming number of crafters who took the instructions and just started sewing!
To celebrate this icon of ingenuity and also post a nice afternoon craft the kids can help with, I bring you this list of wonderful sock monkey tutorials!

Make Magnetic Paper Dolls For The Fridge

These are already scored for you on the Paperdolls Cricut cartridge. I used the “Everyday Paper Dolls” and “Paper Dolls Dress Up” cartridges. I also make little ones to give to my doctors and nurses on a popsicle stick and one for just about anyone I come across. It is easy to make them look like people and they love it!
My doctor even took her “nurse” paper doll on vacation with her and took pictures of the nurse in the sand at the beach at the tiki bar, etc … too cute.. Anyways, I cut them out 8 inches then I laminate them to protect them – small children like to tear up paper dolls. Then I just cut the clothes out on the Cricut also and laminate them and put velcro on them so the dolls can change clothes.

Making An Inspiration Binder

Take about 10 minutes every day to be conscious of the shapes, colors, themes around you. Take pictures of those things you see when you are taking a walk outside or while browsing in a funky little shop you love. Clip articles and pictures from magazines. Draw the shapes you see in the plaster on the ceiling or cracks in the sidewalk. Don’t worry too much about how these will fit together by theme… This is more about capturing things that you are drawn to. If you ever created a vision board this process may seem similar.

The BEST DIY headboard tutorial!

The DIY Headboard Tutorial You’ve Been Searching For!

About a year ago, I was looking for a new bed and realize that I wanted something that was cushy stylish and customizable. After searching and shopping for a while and looking at the construction of a lot of the available headboards and beds, I decided to make my own. Most of them seem to be constructed in a similar way they had three elements: a wood frame, foam padding from various thicknesses, and a fabric cover. Easy right? Actually it’s not that hard and not too expensive either!

Make A Painted Glass Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are wonderful. There are lots of options, however most of the options and I have seen we’re not quite what I wanted. Some had a coating inside that I wasn’t so sure was a good thing, and the ones without coating seem to leave my water with a metallic taste. I decided to make one of my own of a glass bottle –reusable, sustainable , healthy, and after painted… Also really cute and unique.